Before I get into my paragraphs below, I highly recommend a post by cartoonist and “keeping prophecy simple” guy Todd Hampson. He has one of the simplest and best rundowns of what is playing out today - including details such as the Russia / Turkey / Iran alliance against Israel and many other pieces of the puzzle. As he puts it - rather than get bogged down in details, he paints with broad brushstrokes to get a look at the top of the puzzle box, rather than get caught up in looking at all the pieces.

His short post is here - and includes prophecies happening now.

The world is fast-coming to a point of great transition. A Big Evacuation will take place soon (known as the rapture of the church), followed by this 7-year period of tremendous upheaval. Then 1,000 years of peace will follow with Yeshua (Jesus) at the helm. After this, those reconciled with our Creator will live forever together in the new heavens and new earth He has planned.

In that sense, this world as we know it, is temporary. We know from times past, great change has happened to civilisations. However, have we considered what the most trustworthy source we have available (the Bible from our Creator Himself) says will happen?

is this about the end of the world?

No. However it amazes me how we are conditioned to see the world's future in such black and white terms. Why do we, knowing the complexity of the world, keep thinking like this?

The Bible says that the world will not end for at least 1,000 years. Yet here's the thing... the Great Transition (known as the tribulation) coming very soon, will be a time of judgement to rid the world of evil among other things (including getting it ready for the actual reign of Christ upon the earth)... and billions will die...

So technically the world will not end, yet billions will die. Can you see the tension? There's a bigger plan... and for those who are reconciled to our Creator... it's ALL good! Fear should rightfully be present for those not reconciled - which is called godly fear! Those in Christ have been told not to fear, for He has overcome the world. It's about belief and reverence that there is a very real time for these things to happen - and to get on board with the solution.

There's good news...

Stop accepting and trying to fix the mess! It's been done by the most powerful force of love in the universe - our Creator-Father!

We all know evil exists in the world? Yes we do. And it needs to be dealt with by an external force - our personal Creator. We are the problem, not the solution. However our free will can save us by accepting the solution and we live forever as the plan was from the beginning - free of evil and together as family and community with our Creator-Father!

The Big Evacuation or Escape will soon take up those out of the earth who have made the decision to be reconciled to their Creator prior to this tribulation period. He will not bring judgement upon those accepted in His family, and will protect them during these 7 years before His Son Yeshua (Jesus) returns along with His family, to rule and reign with Him upon the earth.

So this site is a herald about the end of the age... a time of transition spoken of in the Bible leading to great peace. However to many, it will seem like the end of the world because of the level of destruction that will happen during this Great Transition that will start shortly, and last for 7 years. So much so, the prophet Daniel when he had a dream about what will happen (the same Daniel of the lion's den who knew a little about fear) was sick for days afterwards because what he saw ahead of us was so disturbing.

The Bible is trustworthy, and is nearly 1/3 prophecy. Biblical prophecy, coming from the Creator of the universe including time itself, is history written ahead of time. Over half of the Bible's prophecies have been fulfilled, and give credibility to the the rest yet to pass.

This is about our response today. I believe along with many others, that what I call the "Big Evacuation"(rapture) before this transition is soundly supported in the Bible, meaning those who are reconciled with our Creator will lovingly and safely be removed from the earth prior to this time. If you have not done this, you can be reconciled now. The great signpost in the heavens announcing the season of this Big Evacuation happened in September 2017 - see our current signs page for details of the Revelation 12 sign - a unique and complex alignment of stars, planets, moon and sun that formed an image exactly matching the one and only celestial description found in the book of Revelation.

what will happen?

The following happen in relatively quick succession, relatively soon:

1. concrete signs - (already underway)

Signs of the coming season have already appeared in detail as prophesied. Many of these are listed below and include the record-breaking earthquakes, floods, celestial signs, geo-political alignments plus unexplained or strange phenomena, many of which happened over the last few months of 2017 alone. Things are ramping up quickly and the stage is being set so much that it won't be un-set. Our Creator is lovingly showing us ahead of time (as He always does) in order to be prepared.

2. the big evacuation (rapture)

True believers in Yeshua (Christ) - i.e. those who have acknowledged their fallen position, believed in Christ, and called upon His name to be saved -  will be removed to safety before the destruction comes upon the earth. This massive event is called the rapture and will occur just prior to the start of the period of judgement. At the time of writing, you can still take action that will include you in this incredible event.

3. the great transition (Tribulation)

Starting immediately or soon afterwards and lasting for 7 years, unprecedented disasters including epidemics, famine, disease, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, all in the context of wars, artificial super-intelligence, other-worldly beings, and world government exercising immense control and surveillance occurs in the lives of those left behind from the rapture. Elites in the world know and have prepared for these events (for themselves) and will use false narratives to explain things like the rapture (i.e "Oh, that was alien abduction!"). My hope is that many will come to believe in Christ prior to this event so they are raptured to safety and not have to endure it. However many will come to believe right after the rapture, and have to face death during the tribulation. Even so, facing death will be a small price to pay for certainty of eternal life with our Creator and His family in Heaven.

4. reign of Christ

Christ intervenes so that at the end of the 7 years of tribulation during the final battle of Armageddon, He saves what is left of humanity and begin His rule of 1,000 years upon the earth bringing great peace upon a restored earth. Those who have believed in Christ, will have incorruptible bodies, living in eternal paradise and be part of ruling during this 1,000 years. Of course a great amount of regeneration will happen as He has the power to change anything for good.

when will this happen?

While of great interest, it's not the primary goal of this site to find out and say when the rapture or tribulation will happen other than being aware of the season. The more important question is - who is ready? Those who have a saving faith in Christ are only looking forward to their redemption to heaven, coming soon. This is a tremendously exciting time for believers as all the elements are coming into place. I also have great concern to warn others and inform about the time... who wants to die in the tribulation? Who wants to meet the Source of all love, life and light today?

However by deduction, and common sense, here's some thoughts: the tribulation is 7 years. I believe the technology and environment is such that the things spoken of in Revelation about this time are possible either now, or very soon. If the rapture and tribulation were to start today, there is a further 7 years to continue developing and implementing technology, warfare, have disease break-outs and large natural disasters (the earthquake "Big One" in LA is well overdue)... I think it very possible for a very-soon Evacuation / Transition.

Further, it's the alignment of prophecy in the Bible that is the most important... we have just witnessed the sign of Revelation 12:1-2 - a warning, marker and beacon of the rapture. The Russia/Turkey/Iran alignment is of huge significance. For the first time in history these 3 nations are united on a military mission in Syria. This has never happened before, is prophesied to happen Whilst there were previous issues about how these three nations would have their armies stationed in order to attack Israel as prophesied, now we have the military of all three nations together in Syria, right at the border for the first time in history!

Many of the things needed to bring this time about are already set in place. The stage has already been set. The super-fast development of Artificial Intelligence (we now have super-powerful quantum chips, self-learning algorithms, AI robots that start talking to each other in their own created language), humanoid robots, gene editing or digital biology, virus outbreaks, propaganda and entrenched methods of controlling population (fear and pleasure) including widespread biometric scanning in public places and draconian laws while having unprecedented sources and methods of entertainment and pain relief; huge welfare imbalance (i.e. 8 men with wealth equal to half the planet, while 2 billion hungry every night); massive economic and political shifts; unexplained phenomena and much more - are all happening today. Some of these are covered in our updates section.

A more important question is are you ready? If something so phenomenal is at our doorstep, what will you do? Will you accept the solution? Many will believe in Jesus after the rapture (thus during the tribulation) because they will recognise and know what the rapture was all about (and won't believe the "official narrative"), yet did not want to make a decision beforehand. They will face death for their faith during this time, however it is a small price to pay to avoid the eternal consequence of separation from their Creator. It is unnecessary though to face this if the rapture has not yet happened. Take action today!

One of the undeniable recurring themes is this: it is getting very difficult to see how the alignments occurring now, can stay this way for very long. Evidence of this season of humanity coming to pass has mounted to the point of being foolish to ignore.


I'm going to attempt a brief overview of how we arrived at the mess of 2019 as it applies to the immediate choice you have today. There are details on the good news and links pages to fill in the gaps - please use them. I'm only trying to be brief and get a basic message across about why eternity is soon.

how we arrived at the mess of 2019

The basic awareness we need to have, is that everything we see in the physical world has a spiritual basis. The physical and spiritual worlds are connected. Also, as we are eternal beings, this life is temporary (i.e. don't hang onto it too tightly as we are all heading to eternity). Scientists know we have other dimensions in existence (SuperString theory says up to 10 dimensions could exist), other than our 4-D world (3D of space and 1D of time).

The trouble we are seeing today, is the culmination of generations of choosing to live against the divine laws which has brought a curse upon mankind. This rebellion is called sin because like the archery term “sin” - it misses the mark, and it's result or wage is death (separation from life). We're all born into it and it's legally binding.

There are also dark spiritual powers that are seeking to destroy mankind. Part of this is by using fear and pleasure in the world's systems to distract us from accepting the solution to this legally binding curse of sin and death.


The solution has been provided as our Creator's Son Yeshua (Christ) embraced all of heaven and all of earth and made a way for reconciliation with our Creator-Father who loves us! His life-giving blood sacrifice overturned this curse and He became the first human to have an upgraded body - showing us our common enemy death can be overcome - through Him! We cannot climb out of this mess ourselves. Yeshua's work was complete, to introduce a new law we can choose to live under. This gives us the right to be children of our Creator, reconciled, with an inheritance of life and love forever living with each other and with Him, in heaven. We only have to be humble and have faith to accept it. You can do this here.


We are at this point in the human story because evil cannot be allowed to continue. God is about to intervene in a big way, and He is clearly communicating this to us, including signs in the heavens. This life is only a precursor to the future which is in eternity. This will happen very soon. We'll either be in heaven, or hell (with or without our Creator and His amazing family!) that is eternally living in harmony with the Source of life and love, or eternally separated. It's all part of a cosmic and permanent wrapping up of evil and a permanent protection of good. He's making the moves according to His plan, and He's letting us know ahead of time. Reading this now may be your notification, and chance to make your choice. I encourage you to make that choice right now in your heart... invite Yehsua in, and His very Spirit will live in you forever. It's really all about love!


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