If you’ve ever had a moment where you’ve asked is there more to this life than just this?. Many of us have those moments so this site is about stepping back, zooming out, and considering the implications of Eternity. We are not meant to be constrained to a time-based existence of a few decades at best - we are designed to continue living!

By considering Eternity, we can see our lives are part of a bigger story. A much bigger story of family and community in the truest, most pure form. Being transformed with bodies that don’t age or suffer disease, a new or regenerated earth where humans and animals are in perfect harmony. Pollution, natural disasters, and imbalance is replaced with pure air and water, peace, beauty and harmony.

Reading something like this can seem a little far fetched if like many of us, we are used to strongly polarised opinions, superficial conversation, or the pervasive post-truth environment we seem to be living in. Yet taking time to answer some of life’s more poignant questions can lead to great fulfillment, purpose, and hope, lasting for eternity.

Right now our future seems more uncertain if we look at current events. Things are changing quickly that’s for sure. Yet a timeless message with eternal meaning exists beyond the every-day-ness of our lives. This brings great peace when we see the plan is to bring all things back into order and harmony - something we have collectively been unable to do for millennia. A quick look at 24hr News shows us we are the problem, and cannot be the solution.

The plan is going to plan despite how it may look or feel on the surface. We are relational beings created for love, and this is the core of the plan - to make this right again.

Our quickly-changing world is described as "birth pangs” in ancient books, written about this exact time we find ourselves in. We explore these "birth pangs" here on this site too. Birth pangs don’t go away. They continue, until the birth arrives. Similarly, the pangs we see on the earth will continue, until the new era arrives after a few years of transition. I want everyone who visits this site, to leave informed about what is ahead.

Our Creator wants to get a message across to us, in a way that can be proven, verified, and useful for our future. He wants no person to perish and doesn’t delight even in the death of the wicked, however he cannot allow the spirit of evil to continue forever. We need to make sure we are reconciled with Him by accepting His gift of love before we are past our time for choosing during our earthly life.

Our Creator's plan is to deal with evil. Rid the world of pain, put things right, and bring good government into this corrupt world. This will take some time, and those in control today won’t want to let go! Scriptures tell us it will take 7 years of transition to get the world ready for the return of Christ - the only one qualified to rule with fairness and love for every human being on earth.

Part of the story happened when our Creator’s son Jesus walked the earth and achieved reconciliation for us all, however more needs to be done and has been planned before this world was created. Based on His own words to us, we do not want to be left behind to experience this dramatic upheaval coming upon the earth! You should take action and definitely be part of the rescue and escape plan, rescued in love and taken out of the scene before it all really starts.

The message of this site is an eternal message of love and a recognition of signs and seasons and to make sure you have an invitation and place to discuss what this all means to be part of this growing family.

All sound a bit serious? Yes, it is because the implications are great! Yet, it’s a time filled with hope when you see the pieces coming together, and we can see the plan is and always has been, for the good of all those who put their trust in Christ. Things will be put right in this un-anchored society we find ourselves in.

The late Billy Graham once said:

World events are moving very rapidly now. I pick up the Bible in one hand, and I pick up the newspaper in the other. And I read almost the same words in the newspaper as I read in the Bible. It’s being fulfilled every day round about us.
— Billy Graham

There's big change ahead. It’s an exciting time to be alive and peace is available to anyone who asks for it. The decision to be reconciled with our Creator lies with us today.

It's amazing. Having our Creator live within (yes, the very source of life, love and light - with total acceptance) is the homecoming we were made for.

Read more about the reason for this site here, and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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