Links for further study

We are experiencing fulfilment of Biblical prophecy right before our eyes. Jesus said we should watch when these things begin to happen - in fact he said to look up!

To those looking for their redemption drawing near, it is an exciting time to be alive!

The details may vary yet the main message is the same from those in the watching community below: Jesus is coming back again soon. The message of this site is to be ready as the hour is late.

Thank you to the faithful and educated group of people who have helped me study for myself, some of whom are listed below.

Firstly, for those wanting timely and relevant answers about what it means to have faith in Christ, I recommend visiting the site of Ravi Zacharias Ministries. Ravi is an Indian-born defender of the Christian faith having travelled the world extensively for over 40 years speaking in educational institutions, before leaders of the international community, and always with a spirit of humility - an incredible thinker whose motto is helping the believer think, and the thinker believe. His details are below.

faith questions

  • Ravi Zacharias Ministries (robust, honest and heartfelt discussion of some of the deepest and most pertinent questions we have today about some of our most current and pressing social and moral issues).

heaven publications

  • Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises and the exhilarating future that awaits you. For decades, former skeptic John Burke has been studying accounts of survivors brought back from near death who lived to tell of both heavenly and hellish experiences. In his book, Burke shows how the common experiences shared by thousands of survivors—including doctors, college professors, bank presidents, people of all ages and cultures, and even blind people–point to the exhilarating picture of Heaven promised in the Bible. Ebook, Audiobook and Paperback.

  • God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience. Based on the largest near-death experience study in history, involving 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, God and the Afterlife presents startling evidence that a Supreme Being exists—and there is amazing consistency about what he is like - radiating love and grace. Ebook, Audiobook and Paperback.

end times Websites

  • (a widely-read end-times site with extensive archives and thoughtful analysis)

  • Behold Israel (updates on current events and important updates in regards to Israel and the region by Amir Tsarfati)

  • Breaking Israel News (a balance of the facts to the anti-Israel MSM narrative)

  • Daniel Matson - Watch for the Day (to-the-point analysis with thought-provoking patterns and numbers uncovered with . Pointing to design in everything.)

  • Revelation 12 Daily (brings together many publications and videos from the watching community)

  • Todd Hampson (cartoonist and blogger, prophecy for beginners with great material - "removing the fear factor from prophecy")

  • Daily Crow (very detailed study into patterns, numbers and convergences. Not for the faint hearted, design over coincidence. Daily updates page is also helpful)

end times YouTube Channels

  • JD Farag (The official YouTube channel of Aloha Bible Prophecy with Pastor JD Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii - experienced exposition with commentary focused on the US and Mid-East).

  • Behold Israel (Amir Tsarfati was born in Israel and has lived there most of his life. Since fulfilling his mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force, he has continued as a major in the IDF Reserve. In 2001, he became founder and president of Behold Israel – a non-profit organization which provides worldwide real-time access to reliable sources of news and information about Israel from within the powerful context of Bible history and prophecy.)

  • Unsealed (Since 2010 - providing news and commentary pointing to the imminent return of Jesus Christ and the end of the age. Featuring world news, Christian news, and prophecy updates)

  • RevelationChapter12 (as above - excellent video series, strong on Biblical astronomy)

  • Jason A (Current thought-provoking summaries of truth and world events)

  • Scott Clarke (in-depth analysis of the Great Sign of Revelation 12 that occurred on September 23, 2017)

  • God's Roadmap to the End (Very detailed video series impressing upon us the lateness of the hour)

free e-books (on revelation 12 sign that was matched in the heavens 23/9/17)

rapture study

  • Dr Michael Svigel (Dallas Theological Seminary) investigates original scriptures and writings in support of the rapture. The recent rise of the New Apostolic Movement (NAR) seems to push the rapture to the side, ignoring its biblical basis as an end-times event, in a move appearing to be an example of what CS Lewis called “chronological snobbery”. This includes the apparent re-interpretation of a key Greek word “harparzo” as being merely figurative - making it all the way to an NAR “translation” called the Passion (TPT). It might surprise many of the calibre and exegetical approach from the 1800's, and also referring to Irenaeus (AD 130 - 202, who studied under a student of the Apostle John, writer of the book of Revelation). Dr Svigel also points to additional resources and books for further research including from authors such as Dr. Renald Showers - author of Maranatha: Our Lord Come (A definitive study of the rapture of the church) available here on Amazon.