the spirit of the way, the truth, and the life

This is the place to take that step,
where you become the child
reconciled to your
Creator of all things,
and truly become alive

You will never forget this moment!

but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.
— Yeshua - (Jn 4:14)

how do I accept this spirit of life?

The step of reconciling back to Life is very simple. You do this by inviting the very spirit of Yeshua into your heart.

To accept Christ's Spirit, is exactly the same as accepting a gift. Here's the ABC of what you need to do:

  • A - Acknowledge you are a sinner, born that way, with no way out. We have all fallen short of the glory of our Creator Father. (Rom 3:10; Rom 6:23).
  • B - Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord - He was crucified, buried, and rose again from the dead, and is now seated at our Creator YHWH's right hand in heaven. He is the only one worthy of standing on your behalf before God because He's the only one who never sinned, yet He died instead of you.
  • C - Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord / Call upon His name and you WILL be saved (see Rom 10:9-10 and Rom 10:13).

That's it!

This is the amazing truth available right now in 2018 - being able to have the very spirit of Yeshua (Christ) himself who is alive today, live within you! I cannot tell you how incredible it is to have that in such a dark, hopeless world. The very spirit of Christ in you! Yes, that means the same Spirit that was in the walking, talking, healing, loving, and powerful Jesus Christ who came aound 2,000 years ago (and is coming again!)

Read below for more info.

what just happened?

If the Big Evacuation hasn't happened yet (and you'll definitely know), then you're on the list!

If you have acknowledged, believed and confessed as above, then you have just been reconciled back to your original design. You are sealed with the very Spirit of Christ Himself in your deepest parts, your spirit is alive with His, and you have an assured place in Eternity with all other believers (a time coming very soon!) and something that is not dependent on anything you do or don't do. You have been adopted - a permanent place in the family.

The sustaining power to keep you saved wholly in the power of Christ who now lives in you. You can rest easy and assured that you are secure. Think about it, the very Spirit of Life itself, the Source of all peace, love, rest, power and more... lives in you permanently. It will take a while for your mind and feelings to catch up to this truth.

It means you are now a child, with an inheritance coming. You have citizenship in Heaven as of today.

What do I do now?

Always remember the truth - you were saved on the work of another (Yeshua) and you continue to be saved this way. Any good works you do, are fruit of this relationship, but have no bearing on your place in Christ. You are always working from a place of completion and rest, not towards completion.

A disposition of humility and belief will release this Spirit that is now permanently living in you (thus your future is assured), into all parts of your soul in everyday life. Your thoughts, feelings and decisions will begin to realign with the truth of all things, according to the way you were always designed. You will start to walk in step with your Creator-Father who will never leave you, or stop loving you regardless of any work or actions you do.

Here's some good ideas to help you grow:

  • Find another believer or group of believers who can encourage you (and you can encourage them!).
  • Find a Bible and read it regularly. A good suggestion is to start from John 3:1. It's God's living Word to us - and many prophetic things are being fulfilled from it today.
  • Talk to your Father often, even silently from your heart, any time of day or night. He has been waiting for this moment since before you were born - so you have His full attention!
  • Stay alert and watch. He is coming back soon.
  • Share with others so they too can be reconciled to the place and life they were designed to be.

Just like normal children in a loving home, nothing stops them being their parent's-children, including bad behaviour!  Don't get hung up on behaviour or habits you know are not right. The very fact you have issues with it proves you are a new creation! There is no condemnation now, so just follow the relationship from your heart, and behaviour will eventually follow.

remember this:

Know that the very Spirit Christ Himself lives in you permanently now (Gal 2:20Col 1:27). You can be assured of this, no matter how you feel. Your thoughts and emotions and actions will gradually line up with this truth, but for now just rest in the knowledge that you're His child, loved, accepted, significant, assured, and you can live in this reality moment by moment.

AND finally...

God your Father, the author of life, has given you life! John 10:10.

Know that you are embraced as the son or daughter of God that you are! Read the story of the prodigal son again - realising this is like you. Regardless of how you feel, He is treating you with every thing He can bless you with - He has been looking out for your, anticipating your return to Him - and all Heaven is celebrating! Luke 15:11-24

Jesus is the vine, and you are the branches. Jn 15:5 This means He is the source for your life as everything comes through the vine. Everything you need, is available as you continue to humbly and in faith allow Him into every situation in your life, moment by moment. You are never under any condemnation! Rom 8:1. The very spirit and power and love of the Creator lives in you!

You are part of an amazing family, soon to be united together in heaven for Eternity! All people throughout history that have been made right with God will join for an amazing future together, in a new heaven and new earth that never decays, in bodies that never degenerate. Stay alert as the time is near for the end of age.

I encourage you to tell someone about your decision, who can help you grow. If you want some encouragement or have a question, please let us know by contacting us here. Joining your new family here on earth as you look forward to heaven can be really encouraging.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Let us look to God with these eyes of faith. He is within us; we don’t need to seek Him elsewhere.
— Brother Lawrence - (1614-1691)

The following 5-minute video summarises the story of Christ's achievements for us, however if you want a more in depth coverage, I encourage you to read our good news page.