The good news is...

Everything on this site, is motivated or sourced from the Bible - the living words of our Creator kept accurately for our benefit today.

We are living in part of the story that has a transition involved. Soon enough, the world will know the Word of our Creator is true, whether they acknowledge this or not.

Jesus made it clear that when he was to return, it would be in an environment much like that of Noah’s day before the flood came and wiped out nearly all of humanity.

In Noah’s day, they were marrying, shopping, going out eating and drinking with little awareness and regard for the evil they were living and breathing, and the repeated warnings and opportunities their Creator gave them to turn their lives around.

If humanity continues in the trajectory it is heading, we will be destroyed. Yes, we have remnants of optimism and real hope - because Eternity is placed in our hearts for the bigger picture. However if we do not see the reality of our story today and ask for help (to be saved from ourselves), we face the real prospect of judgement against our actions without help.

The reason Jesus is returning, is to finish the story and transition the world in a way that He can and will rule it for a time, with true justice, mercy and love. We need a true judge that judges rightly - seeing the heart and mind, and weighing actions against a consistent and true standard. Someone who has real power that can restore our created world as it was originally intended. To restore balance and harmony. A realistic look at news today shows we are not on that path without a great intervention.

People who talk about things like this in today’s world, are much like those in the past - they are often not respected, understood or believed. This has nothing to do with the truth. The end of this era of Christianity today being close to the return of Christ, is much like the beginning of Christianity when Christ first arrived… it’s unpopular, misunderstood, and true adherents of it are making huge sacrifices to the point of death.

Yet the truth of Christianity hangs not in those who believe it, but the Person they believe in. Death is a transition, not an end. Christ showed us, by coming back after death, that in showing us the way Himself, He is safe and worthy to follow. It could only be by seeing Jesus reappear after a very public and historically accurate death, that the early spreaders of this good news about life, death, and life again though Jesus could do what they did - spread this news amongst great opposition to the point of death, yet with great joy about what was ahead.

If Christianity was a mere ideal, it would peter out quickly. Yet, to those who have experienced the real life and evidence of a living Creator amongst us, it truly is life each moment of the day.

When Arthur Malcolm Stace was given the artwork of “Eternity” to write on the pavements of Australia decades ago, it was not because he was a great artist, an assertive public figure, nor a successful businessman. He was not looking for glory, or any other selfishly motivated result… he was simply gripped by a talk he heard where the speaker passionately shouted the words “Eternity” wishing all those alive could hear it. Eternity really is the focus we should have, because the implications are huge. We cannot afford to ignore this call, and it’s time to take notice.

The Eternity script given to Arthur was almost all he could write. He experimented with other things, but could not succeed at it, and he could barely write his own name. Yet with great effect, his legacy has caused many to be invited to make a choice about eternity for their own lives.

The goal of this site has great respect for the message Arthur wrote over decades of his life, and we can’t wait to meet him soon enough.

We will soon be bringing out some new articles with updates on technology, the trajectory of control of humanity through AI and biometrics, media bias and polarisation, growing global anti-Israel sentiment, the geopolitical changes US policy is having on the Middle East, and the shift away from the US by other nations and other signs of the end.

Yet while the pace and progression of these things continues, there is a constant - the immense love, power, grace and mercy of our Father. This cannot be compared to the distress of today’s world.

Be encouraged - the good news is there’s real Good News!