Temple Mount and Temple Shekel

The significance of the new Trump/Cyrus Shekel


The connection between King Cyrus of Persia in 536 BC in rebuilding the Jewish Temple and Donald Trump has been discussed well before this decision by the Sanhedrin to mint a half-shekel coin. For example, see 2016 Unsealed article here before Trump was elected, and Haaretz article here.

This is a significant event. King Cyrus brought the Jews into freedom and facilitated the rebuilding of the temple in 538 BC. Trump has recognised Jerusalem as capital on 6th Dec 2017.


On 15 Feb 2018, the recently-formed Sanhedrin (hasn't been active since about 425 AD and now re-formed in 2004) continues to set up the requirements for an eventual Temple-rebuild (the 3rd Temple). The "entry" is a half-shekel (Ex 30:13) and the decision has been made to recognise what they see as the significance of Trump as being aligned with that of King Cyrus.

A Breaking Israel News article on the coin (15 Feb 2018) can be found here.

"Palestine" and Jerusalem

In addition, it has been covered before, however there is no such thing as a Palestinian. JD Farag has a ripper prophecy update which you can see here that reminds us of this (it's good hearing it from an Arab!). JD also reminds us how Muslims are expecting their own "messiah" and that Israel's complete removal and destruction forms part of their own plan and expectations of the "end of history".

Also worthy of note, is that there is no mention on Jerusalem in the Qur'an, something mentioned by Islamic scholar Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi when he lamented: “Unfortunately, there is no Islamic literature on the subject”

However Jerusalem is recorded 457 times in the Old Testament, and features in 2,700 years of historical Jewish literature including ceremonies carried out such as weddings and prayer.

Furthermore, King David actually purchased the site which is now the Temple Mount (1 Chr 21:25 and 2 Chr 3:1).

All this prophesied action in the Middle East is moving us closer to the end of the age.

Steve Cioccolanti's message below is a good reminder of the significance of this connection between Cyrus and Trump in the minting of this coin.


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