Has Science Found Our Creator?

I've only ever believed that science uncovers and manipulates what is already created. It does not create anything new. So much effort is going into discovering what we are living in.

Quantum Physics explains how much of what we see is connected to other dimensions, and how we are essentially energy and forces, with matter being a secondary reality - or a result of those energy / forces acting in time and space.

Unfortunately, the conspiracy is actually to hide very obvious and foundational truths that exist in nature, such as the Golden Ratio - one of the most fundamental things we see at so many levels in what is created. If we were to learn these things in school and further studies, it would leave everybody asking the obvious question - is it even conceivable that randomness can even exist at all? There is such a mathematically precise measurement to so much of what we see that it defies logic to create theories that include randomness as explaining our origins (and therefore our future).

A person I respect in this regard, is the research and pattern-recognition done my Daniel Matson at WatchfortheDay.com. His articles on the connection of Phi with many of the dates of significance regarding world events and Israel is very interesting.



Thank you to Paul Dawson for this series of clips taking us through how science explains other dimensions projecting to our 4 dimensions (3x space; 1x time) and what ties that together.

His intro finishes at 4 mins which starts the science bit. Paul, as I, do not endorse the theory of origins believed by the presenters of Quantum Gravity Research in this section (which are their own conclusions), however the science is true and important to understand and is why it is included.

The truth that wraps it together starts at 44:30 and shows simply, how the definitions science has arrived at, that could have started our entire existence, fits the Biblical definition of God.

If only the church would share this. If only the world would realise. We need a big coming together to see what is happening - without submitting to the "big money" collusion that continually seeks to keep the church at bay, and the world in the dark.

I hope this raises expectations of just how big, real, and present our Creator is - ultimately involved in the immediacy of our lives each moment... each day... and how we can join Him today to realise that re-connection for eternity.

50 mins, Published 30 Nov, 2017